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School Programs

The Flower Fields® in Carlsbad, California has 50+ acres of extraordinary color overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The Flower Fields Educational Program is a great way for children to learn about growing plants, water conservation and local history. We have several programs from Pre-K to 2nd Grade and 3rd to 5th grade from September 2015 to April 2016. Book your Educational Program today!

Pre-K - 2nd Grade

Classroom Presentation

Minimum: 25 students
Cost: $6 per student
  • Available September thru February.
  • All plant materials included such as soil and pots.
  • Suitable for preschool (ages 4 & up) thru 2nd grade.
  • A Flower Fields Teacher will come to your classroom to give a slideshow presentation.
  • Students can plant and grow their own bulb, seed to take home, or plant it in the school garden.

Pre-K - 2nd Grade

Classroom Presentation & Field Trip

Minimum: 25 students
Cost: $12 per student, includes option A presentation
  • Available September thru February.
  • Available March thru April.
  • Offered Tuesday thru Friday.
  • Presentation includes composting with worms, an art project, and music.
  • Wagon ride thru the fields.

Pre-K - 2nd Grade

On-Site Growing Program

Minimum: 25 students
Cost: $12 per student
  • Available March thru April.
  • Offered Tuesday thru Friday.
  • Presentation includes composting with worms, an art project, and a music wagon ride thru the fields.

3rd - 5th Grade

Investigative Program

Minimum: 25 students
Cost: $12 per student
  • Available March thru April.
  • Offered Tuesday thru Friday.
  • Students will learn about Good Bugs and Bad Bugs.
  • Students will receive an investigative portfolio, dissect flowers, learn how to be water wise, about pollination, study plant benefits, and composting with worms.
  • Wagon ride thru the fields.


Composting Program

Our composting program teaches students the principles of recycling, using worms as the “world’s greatest recycler.” Each composting session is taught by a Master Composter. Worms are a fun way for kids to learn about recycling and become more aware of the environment.

Art Program

Students will create a special “hands-on” art project to take home.

Music Program

Students will enjoy singing songs like “Dirt Made my Lunch” and “Bees Have Power” that both teach and entertain.

Antique Tractor Wagon Rides

Students will enjoy a ride on an open-air wagon pulled by an antique tractor.

After Program Activities

Picnic Area

Bring lunches in a large box labeled with school name, and students can enjoy their lunch in our picnic area.

Sweet Pea Maze

Once The Flower Fields presentation is complete, students are invited to walk through the pathways of the sweet pea maze!

Santa’s Playground

Students are welcome to play in Santa’s Playground. It’s the home of whimsical playhouses and gigantic mushrooms once part of Santa’s Village in Lake Arrowhead years ago.

Free Ride Admission for Teaches & Chaperones

Groups Arriving by Bus

1 free teacher
2 free chaperones
(per class of 25 students)

Groups Arriving by Car

1 free teacher
1 free parent driver
(per 3 students)

A max of 7 chaperones (per class of 25) will be permitted with each class. Additional chaperones are welcome to explore The Flower Fields and meet with the class after the program has ended.

Additional Chaperones, Parents & Siblings

Chaperones & Parents

$17 each


$10 each

Admission includes wagon rides for additional chaperones, parents, and siblings, and can be pre-paid or purchased the day of the program. NOTE: Additional siblings are $10 but will not be included in the on-site Growing Program.

Program Sign-Up



Select Educational Program

Classroom Presentation
$6 per student

Classroom Presentation & Field Trip
$12 per student

On-Site Growing Program
$12 per student

Investigative Program
$12 per student

Presentation Preference*
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Payment Information

Payment must be made two weeks prior to educational program for classrooms. No cash for classrooms will be accepted onsite. Only additional parents ($17) and children 3 – 10 years old ($10) can pay on-site.

Please make checks payable to:
CB Ranch Enterprises
7220 Avenida Encinas, Suite 204
Carlsbad, CA 92011
ATTN: Joni Miringoff
Phone: (760) 930-9123 X118
Fax: (760) 431-9020

Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available for schools that are 50% or more enrolled in the Free or Reduced Lunch Program.

The Flower Fields Educational Program meets some of the Academic Content Standards for the State of California.
Call (760) 930-9123 X118