The Flower Fields are now closed. We will reopen March 1, 2025.

Photography and Filming Policy



The Flower Fields is a destination for thousands of people who desire to experience the true beauty of nature.  One way to capture that beauty is through a photo or video. The Flower Fields’ welcomes you to bring your personal camera and a smile and create lasting memories for you and your family.

General Photography & Filming Policy Details

  • As a guest of The Flower Fields, you may bring personal cameras, phones, and tripods. We do not allow professional photographers or any other equipment without booking a photo or video shoot. The details regarding photo and video shoots are listed below.
  • Operation or use of any drones, unmanned aircraft/flying systems, and remotely controlled flying machines, motorized or not, is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not enter the growing fields, flower beds, plant displays or mulched areas. Remain on pathways at all times. Do not handle plants, flowers, plant labels or containers.
  • The Flower Fields® image and logo are registered trademarks. You may NOT sell or use images for commercial purposes, including but not limited to print, broadcast or web advertising without prior written approval.


Photography and Videography Shoots

There are 3 main types of shoots. Personal/portrait shoots, commercial, or media. Please click on the three categories below for more information.

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The Flower Fields are now closed. We will reopen March 1, 2025.